Service Department

Penrith Marine’s service department prides itself with qualified and Mercury certified marine technicians with the emphasis on customer service, we offer competitive prices for servicing from your outboard portables to the larger inboard engines.

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Why wait until the warmer months to service your marine engine when winter is a great time, so you can be ready to be on the water when the weather is warmer and the fish are biting.

Need electronics installed we can look after that too.

What’s in a Service?”

  1. Annual Service – can include replacement of fluids, spark plugs, filters, removing the gear box inspect and/or replace water pump impeller etc. (Usually for -from 100hrs or 12mths)
  2. First 3 month inspection (Mercury warranty – check over and gear oil).
2 Stoke motors
 Annual Service 
2-5 HP$217 + parts 
6-20 HP$290 + parts 
25-30HP$362 + parts 
40-90HP$435 + parts 
100-125HP$435 + parts 
135-300HP$580 + parts 
4 Stroke motors (inc Optimax, Verado and E-Tec)
 Annual ServiceFirst 3 month inspection
2-5 HP$290 + parts$116 + parts
6-9.9 HP$362 + parts$116 + parts
15-30HP$435 + parts$145 + parts
40-60HP$507 + parts$217 + parts
75-150HP$580 + parts$290 + parts
175-225hp$797 + parts$362 + parts
250-350hp$797 + parts$362 + parts
Inboard – Mercruiser – transom drives
 Annual ServiceFirst 3 month inspection
4 Cylinder$797 + parts$507 + parts
V6 Cylinder with drive$942 + parts$580 + parts
V8 Cylinder$797 + parts$580 + parts
V8 Cylinder with Drive$1087 + parts$652 + parts
Workshop expenses added to all jobs **old oil, fuel oil & fuel filters are recycled
Environment Levy
Fuel removal
From $7 per job
From $6 per job
From $5 per litre removed
Additional services
InstallationsEstimated Labour cost
50 Points safety check over$300.
Boat code –HIN Verification CertificateBookings needed call office for price and booking
Small SounderFrom $362
VHF Radio & AerialFrom $362
Radio (CD, AM/FM) inc speakersFrom $507
Bilge pumpFrom $145
LED Trailer lightsFrom $145
LED Trailer lights with rewire of trailerFrom $362
Wheel BearingsFrom $362 per axle plus bearings
Install Steering Kits mechanicalFrom $362
Dual battery set upFrom $362
Other servicesFrom $145 per hour.
Written estimate of repair costsFrom $160
‘Please note that prices inc GST are subject to change without notice’